Fast fashion? No, we need a revolution!

For years, Fashion Revolution has been advocating for a change in the way we view our clothing as convenient, fast, and disposable. Unfortunately, it has taken a global pandemic for the #LovedClothesLast movement to be pushed higher up the social agenda; the notion that if you care for your clothes, they will last longer, saving tens of thousands of tonnes of textile waste that goes to landfill.
This week is Fashion Revolution Week and commemorates the 1,138 people who tragically lost their lives when the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh collapsed. Since that day in May 2013, there have been many campaigns to recognise and reform the textile and fashion industry in to a more humane, environmentally sound, and ethical sector. 
Businesses around the world are in lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The #LovedClothesLast ethos extends to our local industries, highlighting the importance of supporting them, now more than ever.
As a brand, LuluManna is 100% Australian made and owned. Nothing is outsourced beyond our shores. By supporting me as a local brand, you are also supporting my team of makers and suppliers. 
How can I do this?
By making smart purchases. 
The emphasis here is on quality pieces of clothing rather than quantity. With a limited budget, as we are in these unprecedented times, you may lean towards buying a few cheaper items rather than one, more expensive piece. 
But think, realistically, how long will those items last? Will they fade or shrink on the first wash? Will they hold their shape? Will you ultimately, end up not wearing it because it is no longer fit for purpose? And what of it then? Landfill? How environmentally and ethically sound is that?
Spending that little bit extra, whilst still affordable, on one luxury, high quality, timeless piece will give you that longevity you need in your clothes. When you spend a little more, you love them a little longer. 
Of course, peace of mind in supporting the local economy always feels better when you’re wearing a stunning piece from Lulu Manna!
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