Lulu Manna is unashamedly unique. Australian made and not dictated by trends, the label values quality and timelessness and this ethos shines through its collection. Although impeccably made, the brand is about much more than just physical garments and aims to promote style and confidence through its beautiful pieces

Marianna Papas is the creative force behind Lulu Manna and her versatile designs are intended to inspire modern women to explore their own personal style and feel comfortable in their own skin. Following the brand's creation in 2014, Marianna has refined and launched her own range to cater for all body types while retaining an easy-going, relaxed aesthetic.

Growing up as a competitive ballroom dancer, Marianna had an early fascination with beautiful clothes. Her ballroom gowns were a team effort; she carefully sketched the designs and her grandmother lovingly stitched them. So began Marianna's love affair with fashion and textiles. She went on to study at fashion college and now has over a decade of experience in the business, having worked for a well renowned local fashion textile company as well as a major Australian fashion label.

Lulu Manna honours the close relationship Marianna shared with her muse and adored grandmother, Anna. The name was also influenced by her own childhood nickname, LuLu.

Ignited by such humble beginnings and close Greek family ties, it's evident why Lulu Manna has a personal feel which can be seen from the intimate customer service experience to the brand's warm signature style.

All Lulu Manna pieces are lovingly curated and created for the individual x