Your Summer wardrobe essentials!



Summer is (nearly) here and we need to talk about your wardrobe! As is custom, a new season brings about new purchases...but is this really sustainable?

While it is inevitable that people everywhere will be hitting the shops and snapping up some trendy new season pieces, here at Lulu Manna we want to make sure the pieces you’re buying have the potential to stick around for more than just a few months. This summer, we want to make sure you’re choosing items that will last you long after the heat has gone. While it might be tempting to replenish your wardrobe with only bold colours and prints, it’s also important you invest in some quality staple pieces.


Once in the shops it can be overwhelming being surrounded by endless choices, that’s when you’re most vulnerable to making purchases you don’t really need/won’t wear! To help you avoid buyer’s regret we’ve put together a list of staple wardrobe essentials that everyone needs to be shopping for this summer!


  1. A Great Dress

We’re talking about a dress that is perfect for ANY occasion! Cool, neutral colours such as black, white and earth tones are ideal as they can easily be re-styled in multiple ways. A neutral coloured dress stands out much less than a bold colour or print. Stand out pieces are usually worn once and then left to hang in our closets out of fear someone will recognise we’ve worn it before or that you have become bored of it after the 2nd wear. While they are great for special occasions, these types of dresses aren’t going to help your summer wardrobe much! When looking for the perfect staple dress, shop for one that can easily be dressed up or down. You want something that can easily transition from a casual day-time look into a classy, elegant night-time look. An added bonus is one that’s versatile enough to be layered and still worn in the cooler months!


Our Aphelia dress makes the casual to classy transition seamless. With an adjustable drawstring waist, you can quickly go from casual to glam by accentuating your waist line.


  1. A Quality Top

The easiest way to make it look like you have a large wardrobe full of amazing outfits is to find quality pieces that can be mix and matched with other pieces! Having a great quality staple top in a neutral colour is essential to any wardrobe. You can easily pair it with jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, palazzo pant and really any kind of bottom you can imagine...and VIOLA, you have a complete set of different looks! Buying versatile basics means you have more room to style your outfit with accessories. Don’t underestimate how much a different purse, shoes and jewellery can make to an outfit!


Our Bamboo Aura Kaftan Top is the perfect mix of casual and classy! Perfect to dress up or down, you can make the daytime work look transition effortlessly into the elegant dinner look with just a few small changes.


  1. Comfortable Pants

While many say fashion is pain, we here at Lulu Manna like to live by a different motto. We believe good quality, fashionable garments should be comfy as well as stylish. That’s why a must-have summer wardrobe staple for us is a pair of comfy, long pants! Long pants & summer usually aren’t words you say in the same sentence, us on this one! Pants made out of breathable fabric with a loose fit will become your absolute favourite! We may or may not live in them ourselves….


Our Hemera Pants are perfect for your summer wardrobe. With an elegant and classy relaxed cut, they are perfect to wear to work or even to hit the town! Our sneaky button feature also means you can turn them into a more casual daytime look with absolutely no fuss.


There you have it! Our must have summer wardrobe staples. One thing that’s important to note when you hit the shops is to look for fabrics and garments that are of a high quality and make. You want your new pieces to last, right? Investing in staple pieces will not only mean getting ready in the morning is a piece of cake (can we get a hallelujah for versatile garments that mix and match effortlessly?!) but it also means you’re creating a timeless wardrobe that won’t be out of date and in need of replacing when the next seasons trends hit!