How It All Began ...

The inspiration for Lulu Manna came while I was pregnant - I was astounded by the lack of stylish yet comfortable clothes available! Not to mention the word ‘maternity’ seemed to triple the price… Instead of being quietly outraged I decided to attack the problem at the roots and created Lulu Manna - a boutique which would offer unique, affordable and high quality garments for all shapes and sizes.
Since an early age I have been fascinated by beautiful clothes. Now, with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry (including working for a well renowned local fashion textile company as well as a major Australian fashion label), I’ve made the decision to start my own label.
When I first opened Lulu Manna, I dedicated myself to sourcing amazing clothes from overseas and selling them in my store. It wasn’t until recently that I felt the calling to change things up and to take on a new adventure. I wanted to offer something more to the women who shop at my store than just products from overseas. I wanted to offer what I truly and deeply believed in which is unique, high quality and affordable garments that I have created.
Like a lot of people I struggled with self-doubt and fear - what if I failed? In the end I decided to go all in because I was dedicated to my philosophy of improving the quality and style of clothing available to all women, whether they’re looking for maternity clothing or simply for beautifully designed and created garments that suit all shapes, sizes and circumstances!
I am incredibly lucky that I am surrounded by a team of people who believe in me and encourage me to always pursue my passions and dreams.
My goal with Lulu Manna is to bring back the art of boutique fashion in Australia. I think we’ve all become too enchanted by big-name ‘fast fashion’ brands that we forget what it’s like to wear a locally made, unique design.
I’m also big on changing the customer service experience, which I believe Australia is severely lacking. I visited Paris in 2015 and I experienced what I believe to be a true boutique sales experience in store. It was amazing - the sales assistants had time for you, they weren't pushy, they loved what they did, respected their job and had knowledge of their collections in store from design, textile & style elements. I think finding that same experience here in Australia is very rare.

I believe in building customer relationships and it’s something very important to me that I’m not willing to compromise on. I have had many years experience servicing clients and I am glad I can offer all my expertise to every customer who enters my store.

Lulu Manna has a personal feel which can be seen from our intimate customer service experience to the brand's warm signature style. All Lulu Manna pieces are lovingly curated and created for the individual - I can’t wait to see a whole range of beautiful and unique women wearing my designs!