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MODEL: Meg wears the Eva top with Audrey skirt in Black


Sydney Designer, Marianna Papas is on a mission to deliver timeless, quality Australian made fashion for the modern woman that has found her footing with a Broad audience.

LuLu Manna is a Sydney based womenswear label creating trans-seasonal, versatile pieces from only the most flattering of fabrics in a range of colours and prints. Made right here in Australia, designer Marianna Papas preferences fabrics such as Bamboo, Cotton, Viscose and breezy chiffon, that keep wearers covered yet cool...ideal for our warmer climate.

With over 20 years experience in the fashion and textiles industry, Marianna started the label to provide quality, Australian made fashion for the modern woman.

"There is a real lack of quality, affordable, locally made fashion" she says.
"There is a real danger of fast fashion taking over. We are losing our Australian owned businesses at a rapid pace."

Another symptom of modern fashion is that it leaves those of us that are older, curvy or taller than most, behind. Rarely, if at all do we factor into their design process, or the clothing looks less than flattering in the change room than it did on the waify, expressionless mannequin in the window.
The appeal of LuLu Manna pieces are that they are designed to cater for those common problem areas that are the complaint of many women--- upper arms are at the top of the list, followed by stomach and posterior. "LuLu Manna designs are created with these so called problem areas in mind," Marianna says.

Steering clear of the tireless trend bandwagon, the up and coming label has already garnered quite a following among the 50-plus set. Each collection providing wearers a level of comfort that doesn't compromise on style, for a range of body shapes and made to standard of quality that endures well beyond seasonal trends.

By creating free-flowing and oversized garments that can be adjusted to fit, such as the kaftan top (that can be knotted on both sides or just on one side to create interest) wearers can control and cover these very personal problem regions.
Additionally, the ability to take one piece and style it multiple ways does wonders to open one's wardrobe.

LuLu Manna Autumn/Winter line, entitled Fearless, names each piece after a woman who has made a huge impact to our world and society. It's a name that reinforces the label's ethos, to inspire modern women to explore their own personal style and feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.
The pieces come in a range of colour ways including neutral tones to vivid patterns, all made here in Australia----"I wouldn't have it any other way" Marianna chimes.


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                    MODEL: Meg wears the Bardot pant with the Eva Kaftan top